Friday, September 14, 2012

Web 2.0 and multicultural education

Md, M. H., & Aydin, H. (2011). A web 2.0-based collaborative model for multicultural education. Multicultural Education & Technology Journal, 5(2), 116-128. doi: 0.1108/17504971111142655

Web 2.0, in contrast to Web 1.0, allows users to easily create their own content and engage with others electronically. In particular, students can communicate with those who are different from them, which promotes multicultural exchange. Multicultural teaching and education is needed in schools in order to effectively educate the increasingly multicultural K-12 student population. The authors propose a model for using Web 2.0 to enhance multicultural instruction. The model will engage students from different cultural backgrounds and help them feel more integrated into the education environment, and also help them develop understanding and compassion for others from different backgrounds. Web 2.0 strategies can be effectively used in increasingly multicultural classrooms to improve students’ educational experiences and outcomes.

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