Sunday, December 9, 2012

Reflections on the semester of reading

This semester, I added 7 new professional blogs to my Google reader, and started a twitter account. I now follow about 30 people and have 10 followers. I was inspired to do these things because of the requirement that we read and write about 100 additional items. I had a careful plan to write one post per day in this blog, to meet the required 100 item assignment. I haven't written 100--I've only written 43. I also posted in the class blog 6 times.

In addition to this more informal reading of blogs, I read reports, as well as a lot of research articles. For the other class I took, I wrote abstracts, an integrated literature review, and then a research proposal. I read about 30 research papers from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals for that assignment. None of that made it into this blog. I read at least 4 or 5 blog entries from various library and school-related blogs each day, as shown in my PLE. Some of those things made it into this blog, but most didn't. I think that my PLE demonstrated that I do keep up with new and innovative professional ideas, even if I didn't write 100 summaries about what I've read.

I've appreciated being pushed to read more this semester, and I definitely learned a lot!

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