Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Uncommon Corps blog

Mary Ann Scheuer posted a link to this blog in her blog post about the School Library Journal Summit (Scheur, 2012). It's a group of professionals who are writing about the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and in particular the role of non-fiction and how it should be used. The blog is full of resources for addressing the ELA and content literacy as presented in the CCSS. In particular, I may use one of the blog posts about iPads in the classroom as part of my literature review for my 285 class. The blog links to a radio show that addresses the use of iPads in the classroom. I recommend this blog as one to follow in the midst of the transition to CCSS.

Capiello, M.A. (2012, October 25). iPads, textbooks, and nonfiction literature [blog post]. Retrieved from http://nonfictionandthecommoncore.blogspot.com/2012/.

Scheuer, M.A. (2012, October 28). SLJ Summit 2012 - resources to follow [blog post]. Retrieved from http://slisreflections.blogspot.com/.

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