Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Working with deaf and hard-of-hearing patrons

Holly Lipschultz wrote a guest post for Michael Stephens' blog "Tame the Web." She herself is profoundly deaf and wears a hearing aid and has cochlear implants. She lists several things that we can do as librarians to be effective librarians for deaf and hard of hearing patrons. Some suggestions are to talk normally (not with exaggerated lip movements or really loudly), restate things if there is a lot of background noise, use pen and paper or even a word document if verbal communication is not working, and using captioning on YoutTube videos. This is a useful post for any librarian--or truthfully, any person--to read in order to better understand deafness and communication.

Lipschultz, H. (2012, October 20). Reaching all users--deaf and hard of hearing patrons in the library. [blog post]. Retrieved from http://tametheweb.com

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